Playful appearance, highly efficient use

NAO is a 58 cm tall humanoid robot that can talk, see, walk, hear and perform animations

NAO has become a standard especially in education and research. It is also used as an assistant by companies and healthcare facilities to greet, inform and entertain visitors.

Assistant for teachers and educators


Teaching children knowledge and having fun at the same time: with NAO.

It’s common knowledge that people – and especially children – learn more and more intensively when they have fun doing it. NAO helps teachers and educators to boost this fun factor. With NAO, knowledge transfer can be experienced in a playful way, which makes it perfectly suited for teaching institutions.

Teaching of learning contents


Knowledge transfer through language, gestures and movement

NAO can not only speak, see, walk, hear and perform animations. He can also impart knowledge. While he can be controlled by speech through AI integration, he can also react and answer even more complex questions.


Information presentation

Present your content with NAO for a multisensory experience that stays in your memory

Most of the time, it is not only the content of a presentation that matters, but especially how it is presented. Content must be conveyed in such a way that it can be understood and remembered. NAO brings the memory factor with it. Through speech and movement, as well as gestures and reactions in real time, it perfectly complements your presentation.

Everyday companion for seniors


NAO is best suited to accompany seniors in everyday life, preventing boredom and loneliness

Unfortunately, a normal side effect of getting older is loneliness and the boredom that comes with it. NAO’s interaction capability with movement and speech functions allows it to hold dialogs with people and even proactively start conversations.

Happiness promoter for employees

Increasing efficiency by loosening up the working atmosphere

Many companies have realized that employees work better when the atmosphere is more relaxed and pleasant. This is also the reason why dogs are accepted in so many offices.

But how many offices have their own robot as a happiness promoter? NAO can move autonomously and respond to questions – in real time. Another outstanding advantage of the 58 cm tall robot over dogs and other animals: Allergy sufferers have nothing to fear.

Information broker with great fun factor

NAO convinces with its humanoid appearance and friendly look. The possibilities to use him are manifold.

Humanoid Design

The robot’s many joints and mechanics allow it to perfectly imitate human gestures. Its design is based on the human physique, making it approachable and making it appear friendly.

Proactive Conversations

NAO addresses people proactively and can thus start conversations. It is the ideal icebreaker for people who are afraid of contact and especially for interaction with children.

Exercise Therapy

NAO is ideally suited for movement therapy. Due to its many joints, it is extremely mobile. Thus, he can demonstrate exercises, which are then imitated by users.

Compact Size

NAO convinces with its compact size of only 58 cm, which is why especially children like to interact with him.

Programming Fun

NAO is also a lot of fun for developers, because motion and interaction sequences are easy to set up. The intuitive digital interface of the RMS is also user-friendly.

Hero of the RoboCup

NAO is the world champion in robot soccer! The RoboCup is an event in which robots play soccer against each other and is great fun – even to watch!

Emotional Intelligence

NAO enables emotional interactions through its humanoid appearance, recognition and response to gestures, as well as speech and behavior of humans.

Our RMS combined with proactive conversations make the robot appear alive and informative.

  • Emotionalizes the interactions
  • Proactivity
  • User perception
  • Perception of the environment
  • User recognition + memory
  • Interaction zones (distance recognition)
  • Conversational guidance
  • Interaction by voice, touch and gestures

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