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“Menschlichkeit in die Robotik” und “Menschen in die Technologien” zu bringen, steht bei Humanizing Technologies zentral im Fokus. Wir entwickeln Software für Roboter-Integratoren von Public Life Robots und gestalten den Markt gegenwärtiger und zukünftiger Technologien aktiv mit. Passend zu jeder Kundenumgebung verkaufen unsere internationalen Partner unsere Software und bieten Beratungsleistungen zur Marktentwicklung von und mit Robotern an.

Other areas of application in which our robots can offer immense added value

Virtual Meetings

Join meetings no matter where you are in the world. Instead of simply joining meetings via video call, you can use Double, for example, to move freely around the room and interact more intensively with other participants.


Virtual Meetings

Hybrid Exposition / Fairs

Especially in times of pandemic, cultural-social life is slowed down. However, it is possible to take a museum or real estate tour with our robots. You simply switch on the robot and navigate it through the premises.


Hybrid Exposition / Fairs

Orientation Guide

Large building complexes with their many corridors, elevators and staircases can be confusing. Use Temi or Avatars as navigation aids in buildings. They can show the visitor the way and even make a call to the responsible employee.

Temi   RMS

Orientation Guide

Delivery of Products

Use Pudu to deliver products faster. Thanks to automated driving and a load capacity of up to 13 kg, it is perfect for assisting in catering and warehouse logistics. With our software, you can tailor its functions to your needs.


Delivery of Products

Intensive Knowledge Training for Employees

Natural, human communication paired with AI algorithms through software that links the robot to a database. Thanks to the humanoid appearance, a higher learning effect is achieved.


Intensive Knowledge Training for Employees

Edutainment / Storyteller

Waiting can become an eternity, especially for children, especially when they are bored. With avatars as storytellers, you can shorten the waiting time for the little ones and turn the waiting room into a fairy tale room.


Edutainment / Storyteller

Visit Patients

It can be painful not to be able to visit loved ones in intensive care units – especially if they are Corona patients. Via telepresence robot, we enable contact with them so that patients can be comforted and relatives can be encouraged.


Temi   Double

Visit Patients

Feel Good Manager

Exercise training in nursing homes, creating a better mood in hospitals or entertaining children; all possible with Pepper in combination with our software. Take advantage of the infinite possibilities of social robots.


Feel Good Manager

Store-in-Store Promoter

Avatars can act as store-in-store promoters. They can make product recommendations and help customers find their way around the store and among products. They can also solicit customers’ opinions through feedback surveys. This provides you with valuable information on the buying behavior and preferences of your target group.


Store-in-Store Promoter

Customers Success Stories

Der Einsatz des Telepräsenzroboters Double bei groninger & co. GmbH

Das Unternehmen konzentriert sich darauf, den Maschinenbediener direkter und besser zu unterstützen, wie auch dem Kunden mittels neuer Technologien mehr Werkzeuge an die Hand zu geben, um ihn in allen Situationen besser leiten zu können. Für diese digitalen Anforderungen ist der Telepräsenzroboter Double eine innovative Lösung, um den Schritt in Richtung Digitalisierung zu unterstützen. Gleichzeitig arbeitet der Maschinenbauer daran, dem Kunden noch mehr Unterstützung während des gesamten Lebenszyklus der Maschinen hinweg anbieten zu können.

Der Einsatz von Pepper bei Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken

Die Berliner Volksbank und die VR-NetWorld wollen ein digitales Angebot schaffen, um die Attraktivität und den Kundenverkehr in den Bankfilialen zu erhöhen. Vor allem aber innoviert Pepper die Arbeitsabläufe der Bankmitarbeiter/innen und befreit sie von repetitiven Aufgaben, wie der Beantwortung sich wiederholender Kundenfragen und der grundlegenden Produktbewerbung. Durch die Übernahme solcher Aufgaben schafft Pepper Entlastung und ermöglicht es den Bankmitarbeiter/innen sich intensiver um die Betreuung von Kund/innen zu kümmern.

Der Einsatz von Pudu bei Sushi Restaurants

Die Sushibar Fujiyama in Düsseldorf ist ein Treffpunkt für Sushi-Freunde und Sushi-Neuentdecker. Durch die Pandemie ist es wichtiger geworden, einen kontaktlosen Service zur Verfügung zu stellen. Um das Team des Sushirestaurants Fujiyama bei der täglichen Arbeit zu unterstützen und optimal auf die Kunden einzugehen, wird der Roboter Pudu eingesetzt. Der Service-Roboter Pudu transportiert die Gerichte aus der Küche direkt zum Tisch des Kunden.

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Countless advantages with intelligent robot systems based on global software integration in a wide range of applications

With the Social Happiness package, Pepper is the ideal entertainer in care facility and elderly care sector. In combination with our software you can use the endless possibilities of social robots.


Robots in the catering industry relieve your service staff and make the visit a unique experience for your guests.


When sick children in isolation wards can’t participate in school life, Humanizing Technologies offers a solution


Delight your customers and visitors by welcoming them with robots and create a fascinating brand experience.


Use crowd pullers to ensure a sustainably successful trade show presence and generate more conversion.


Let museum visitors be guided through the exhibition by robots and present deeper content adequately and comprehensively directly on exhibits.


Ensure increased sales without additional personnel costs with a shop-in-shop solution and data-driven product recommendations.


Offer visitors better orientation in building complexes and save personnel costs with the use of robots.


Arguments for working with
Humanizing Technologies


Our focus is to act as a value creator for customers and manufacturers from all over the world. From the beginning and in the future.


We supply ready-made use cases that customers can use. By means of the RMS, the customer can also customize his robot to the maximum without programming knowledge.


We support our customers in all issues that need to be clarified with the manufacturer and thus act as an advocate for them.

Software Programming

Through interaction within our partner network, we are able to map different use cases for robotics and integrate them into your systems.


Our knowledge in Telepresence & Social Robotics allows us to help our clients create a Robot Roadmap to meet their desired requirements.


Our team of experts guides customers through every step of the robot lifecycle. From creating a vision, to setting up their behavior and deploying them to your maintenance point. At the beginning, we also offer software master training.

Contact Person

Our partners have a dedicated and personal contact person whom they can contact at any time on all topics related to our software.

Partner Platform

As a partner, you receive access to our portal and have the opportunity to get in touch directly with our experts. Here you can find out everything about innovations and releases.

Knowledge Sharing

Thanks to our global partner community, our partners can share their knowledge and benefit from the knowledge of others.

Robot Training

We train our partners extensively on our inhouse developped software the Robot Management System. In addition, we are happy to share our knowledge on the single robots during the software trainings.

Adding Value

We provide our partners with further sales opportunities through customized use case designs. We train our partners on the use of the software so that they can also sell use cases to their customers.

Lead Sharing

When leads come in, we like to share them with our close partners in different regions.

International Working Environment

We see ourselves as citizens of the world. We are a multicultural team, also have partner contacts all over the world. You have the chance to work in an international working environment and to shape the future across cultures.

Agile Working

We have invested in our working environment. Our offices in Cologne, Olpe and Vienna meet the latest technological standards and provide a pleasant working atmosphere. Flexible working hours are part of the company policy.

Multicultural Environment

We live internationally. On all levels. That’s why not only our customers and partners are international, but also our team – and we are proud of that. We are always happy to see new faces and to share cultural experience.

Team Building

Good work comes from a good team. We have understood this and therefore organize regular team events and team building activities.

Workplace Health Promotion

The health of our employees is dear to our hearts. That’s why we make sure that fresh fruit and drinks are always available. Our membership in Urban Sports also keeps you on the move.

Flat Hierarchies

All our employees have the opportunity to freely develop and contribute their own ideas.

Our worldwide partner network

In order to develop the best robot solutions, we work together with strong partners in the industry. Become a partner too and benefit from our bundled know-how.

Technology Partner

Softbank Robotics

David Cann


As our hardware partner, Humanizing Technologies brought our telepresence robot, Double, to Germany and Europe.

Their in-depth knowledge about the emerging telepresence market and the dedication of the HT team have helped grow sales in the European market.

The team members are friendly and strive to ensure smooth communication and cooperation.

Furhat Robotics

Business Partner

United Robotics Group

Hardware Partner, Joint Venture aus Humanizing und Sertronics:

Serving Europe’s demand for robotic system solutions

Roboterly GmbH, a joint venture of Humanizing and Sertronics, is registered for a highly synergized go-to-market approach combining hardware sales, after sales services and software development to serve Europe’s demand.

7 locations with 130 service personnel providing robotics services such as installations, after sales service and repairs.


Ashish Panjabi


When Jacky’s got into the robotics business a few years ago, it became very clear, to succeed, we need to build valuable partnerships and alliances.
One such example of was our alliance with Humanizing Technologies, who worked with us and adapted their solution to work in our region keeping in mind the needs of customers here.They’ve been professional in their approach and we look forward to continuing to see the relationship evolve.



Elad Inbar

Chief Operating Officer | ROBOTLAB

RobotLAB’s goal is making robots smart and useful, we couldn’t find a better partner than Humanizing Technologies, that lives and breathes that moto. As a Softbank Robotics’ largest Pepper partner, the cooperation with Humanizing Technologies brought to life hundreds of Pepper Robots that were stranded by previous software solution.Working with the Robot Management System and the team at HT is a delight, and the projects that customers, small or large, creating on the system is astonishing! I’m not familiar with any better solution for these robots.

Softbank Robotics

Bruno Coelho

Assistant Commercial Director | BELTRÃO

The beginning of our cooperation with Humanizing was very easy and friendly.
We had a very good interaction, and we believe it’s a partner that we can count on and will be happy to grow together.