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The software that makes robots intelligent and lets them communicate with each other

This is how you design robotic solutions with an efficient experience factor. The software can run on all operating systems and acts as a solution store with constantly evolving apps that you can access.

Humanizing Humanoide Roboter Pepper Softbank Robotics | Humanizing Humanoide Robot Pepper


Software Demo

See how easy and fast Pepper can be customized and use cases/projects can be created without programming knowledge.

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Software Demo

Let us convince you of the flexibility of temi. With our app “temi for Business” and our RMS you can individualize temi for various use cases and create outstanding journeys.

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Double Test Drive

Hardware Demo

Drive one of our Doubles remotely and get to know its controls. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Double 3.

Of course, this way you can also get to know our other robots in the showroom.