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Contact us without obligation and express your interest in a partnership. Together we can create a future with socially acceptable robots. How do you want to contribute?

Evaluating together how we can support us each other

In a first meeting we can evaluate the status quo together and see how a partnership can be established. In this process, we categorize your competencies according to the ABC analysis.

We teach you all about social robots

To do this, we introduce you to our software application and train you in its use. Training sessions can take place via remotely or in personal appointments.

Setting the framework

After we got to know each other and we were able to give you a detailed understanding of the robotics topic, we define the partner agreement, in which competencies and goals are defined and other course is set.

We arm your system and give you all the materials you need.

You get access to the software and our robots for show case purposes with pre-programmed actions and functions. This way you can showcase the added value through the robots in a representative way and are well prepared for all customer questions.

Feedback and support through contact as a partner

We support you in ongoing reporting. This includes the listing of daily sales, derived forecasts and CI from RSM.

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Our worldwide partner network

In order to develop the best robot solutions, we work together with strong partners in the industry. Become a partner too and benefit from our bundled know-how.

Technology Partner

Softbank Robotics

Leader in humanoid robotics

Humanoid and programmable robots

Leader in humanoid robotics, SoftBank Robotics Europe (SBRE) is headquartered in Paris and regroups about 180 employees.Creator of the robots NAO and Pepper, used today in more than 70 countries worldwide, in various fields, such as retail, healthcare, tourism and education, SoftBank Robotics Europe is a subsidiary of SoftBank Robotics Group Corp.



David Cann


As our hardware partner, Humanizing Technologies brought our telepresence robot, Double, to Germany and Europe.

Their in-depth knowledge about the emerging telepresence market and the dedication of the HT team have helped grow sales in the European market.

The team members are friendly and strive to ensure smooth communication and cooperation.

Furhat Robotics

Business Partner

United Robotics Group

A ecosystem for experts and cooperation partners in robotic

Major actor in the European Robotics market

The United Robotics Group is one ecosystem for experts and cooperation partners. All dedicated to combine hardware, software and know-how. It lies in the genes and values of the ecosystem to create the best customized solutions by developing hardware and software always one step further.
Understanding the market and being close to the customer is key for the United Robotics Group members.


Hardware Partner, Joint Venture of Humanizing and Sertronics

Serving Europe’s demand for robotic system solutions

Roboterly GmbH, a joint venture of Humanizing and Sertronics, is registered for a highly synergized go-to-market approach combining hardware sales, after sales services and software development to serve Europe’s demand.
7 locations with 130 service personnel providing robotics services such as installations, after sales service and repairs.
To Roboterly


Ashish Panjabi


When Jacky’s got into the robotics business a few years ago, it became very clear, to succeed, we need to build valuable partnerships and alliances.
One such example of was our alliance with Humanizing Technologies, who worked with us and adapted their solution to work in our region keeping in mind the needs of customers here.
They’ve been professional in their approach and we look forward to continuing to see the relationship evolve.

To Jacky’s


Bruno Coelho

Assistant Commercial Director | BELTRÃO

The beginning of our cooperation with Humanizing was very easy and friendly.
We had a very good interaction, and we believe it’s a partner that we can count on and will be happy to grow together.

To Beltrao


Elad Inbar

Chief Operating Officer | ROBOTLAB

RobotLAB’s goal is making robots smart and useful, we couldn’t find a better partner than Humanizing Technologies, that lives and breathes that moto. As a Softbank Robotics’ largest Pepper partner, the cooperation with Humanizing Technologies brought to life hundreds of Pepper Robots that were stranded by previous software solution.
Working with the Robot Management System and the team at HT is a delight, and the projects that customers, small or large, creating on the system is astonishing! I’m not familiar with any better solution for these robots.

To RobotLAB

Softbank Robotics
SB Telecom Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Softwarevertrieb, Consulting bei Projekten:

Die Kraft der Robotik zum Wohle der Menschheit

Als unser Partner und teil der SoftBank Gruppe vertreibt SoftBank Telecom Singapore nicht nur unsere Software, sondern berät seine Kunden aus Südostasien zu Use Cases. Das kompetente Team kennt sich hervorragend mit unserem RMS aus und unterstützt die Kunden bei der Umsetzung ihrer Wünsche und Vorstellungen.


Hardware, Software and Project Consultation Partner

Level up robot solution in the US market

IDEAL LOBBY was created to connect humankind with ever-changing technologies in the unattended or minimal human supervision working environment.
Dedicated with innovation in mind, IDEAL LOBBY partnered with Humanizing Technologies to enrich this experience and elevate its products and services to the next level in the US market. Whether assisting in a medical field, educational sector, hospitality concierge, or as a social and assistive companion, the possibilities are endless when you combine over 20 years of experience with an unmatched product like Plural.
Advance human capabilities and let technology manage the essentials.


Suite of Digital Business Provider

SAAS, IOT, Robotics & Drones Solutions

Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC is one of the largest businesses in Oman, whose roots date back over half a century.
MHD LLC is structured into two clusters – Infrastructure, Technology, Industrial & Consumer Solutions (MHD-ITICS), and Automotive, Construction Equipment and Renewable Energy (ACERE) apart from a range of Associate companies.
MHD ITICS technology and communications division provide a comprehensive suite of digital business offerings in SAAS, IOT, Robotics & Drones to initiate the digital transformation and industry 4.0 journey for organizations.

The advantages of a partnership with Humanizing

Contact Person

Our partners have a dedicated and personal contact person whom they can contact at any time on all topics related to our software.

Partner Platform

As a partner, you receive access to our portal and have the opportunity to get in touch directly with our experts. Here you can find out everything about innovations and releases.

Knowledge Sharing

Thanks to our global partner community, our partners can share their knowledge and benefit from the knowledge of others.

Robot Training

We train our partners extensively on our inhouse developped software the Robot Management System. In addition, we are happy to share our knowledge on the single robots during the software trainings.

Adding Value

We provide our partners with further sales opportunities through customized use case designs. We train our partners on the use of the software so that they can also sell use cases to their customers.

Lead Sharing

When leads come in, we like to share them with our close partners in different regions.

Are you interested in a partnership with Humanizing Technologies or would you like to receive further information?