We bring humanity into technology and robots into society

The Humanizing Spirit.

Humanizing’s mission is to humanize cutting-edge technologies so that they empower people to do better work.

Humanizing is a mission-focused company. We strive to create a better life for future generations and will dedicate our time and resources to this goal.

We are currently humanizing Robotics & AI.

Humanizing’s vision is to make the world healthier and happier by creating significant, positive value for people through our technological innovations.

We envision a future where avatars and (humanoid) robots are the universal interface in the physical and digital world. In the current phase, our products will be used in the workplace to take over business tasks in areas with significant labor shortages and undesirable or under-complex activities. In the longer term, our solutions will play an important role in many areas, such as supporting people in the home, caring for the elderly and building new worlds on other planets.


  • What drives us: We are full of enthusiasm for the mission, turn more followers into fans in the process, are proud of our work because we know we are doers.
  • What drives us: Constant progress! We are progressively optimistic, always find solutions, get better every day and always deliver value.
  • What sets us apart: Humanity. We are a winning team and pull together. We have handshake quality, always keep our word and, most importantly, we look after ourselves.
If you believe in what you read here, then you will probably feel at home with us. If you don’t, then Humanizing is not for you.

Customer-oriented, sustainable and authentic

We are driven by innovations that enrich society through technology. So doing, we always treat the people around us with respect. We hold our partners, customers and employees in the highest regard. We are characterized by best customer service and problem solving.

We are the developers
for the software product 

Plural.io automates routine tasks

by creating digital service assistants.


You want to become part of Humanizing Technologies?

International working environment

We see ourselves as citizens of the world. We are a multicultural team, also have partner contacts all over the world. You have the chance to work in an international working environment and to shape the future across cultures.

Agile working place

We have invested in our working environment. Our offices in Cologne, Olpe and Vienna meet the latest technological standards and provide a pleasant working atmosphere. Flexible working hours are part of the company policy.

Multicultural environment

We live internationality. On all levels. That’s why not only our customers and partners are international, but also our team – and we are proud of that. We are always happy to see new faces and to share cultural experience.

Team building

Good work comes from a good team. We have understood this and therefore organize regular team events and team building activities.

Health promotion

The health of our employees is dear to our hearts. That’s why we make sure that fresh fruit and drinks are always available. Our membership in Urban Sports also keeps you on the move.

Flat hierarchies

All our employees have the opportunity to freely develop and contribute their own ideas.

Humanizing Wiki

Find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about using our software and robotic systems in our Gitbook. There you will also find more screencasts and explanatory videos. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Media + Press Releases

Press text

About Humanizing Technologies

Humanizing Technologies is an AI technology provider that creates digital service assistans to automate simple, routine tasks of public life.

Interactive, personalized avatars provide a critical value proposition as a solution to staff shortages to keep our customers’ operations running and their businesses secure.

Examples of this are check-in procedures, product consultations, service processes or processing customer concerns, which are monotonously performed by people every day, all over the world. 

Our goal is to deploy humans for more meaningful, valuable and complex tasks.

Humanizing was founded in 2016 and has achieved a leading international position in the context of service robotics and avatars and is valued by customers, partners and industry experts worldwide. 
Spread over 3 locations in Germany and Austria, the team works every day on your principles of success, which you stand for:
Enthusiasm in purpose.
Progress in doing.
Humanity in being.

About Plural.io
Plural.io is a software platform, that automates routine tasks (along the customer journey) by creating (human-centric) digital service assistants (who operate 24/7 in all languages.)


Plural.io USPs:
Workflows can be
– rapidly designed
– automated via APIs
– Avatar-animated UI
– highly customizable and scalable

Made for: Partners, (Citizen) Developers, for all