Intelligent navigation and orientation aid

Flawlessly navigate buildings and spaces & visually inform and guide customers

Temi can be used in public facilities, at events or in companies to provide orientation. The integrated screen also allows customers to be visually informed and guided.

Temi guides visitors through exhibitions and even provides background information about the exhibition. Even several Temis can be used to accompany more visitors through the exhibition.

Together with avatars at the exhibits you provide a fully automated museum tour


Temi can be used in offices, for example, to guide visitors from the reception to a meeting room.

Pepper can receive your visitors beforehand.


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Orientation guide

Orientation aid in public facilities, at events or in companies

The integrated screen also allows customers to be visually informed and guided. Our RMS in combination with the Location Navigator enable an innovative customer experience.

Visual informing and guiding

Use Temi to guide customers or visitors in environments unfamiliar to them

Temi is equipped with the function of autonomous driving so that it can move safely in rooms. The integrated tablet can display information that enables orientation in unfamiliar environments for people. Temi can therefore guide people and show them how to get to their destination.

Reception of customers and visitors

Use Temi as a reception robot to create a unique experience for customers and visitors

Temi can be the first point of contact for your guests, greeting them at the door. In addition, in offices, for example, he can guide your guests to the desired employee or in meeting rooms. Employees can ideally prepare for the customer appointment during this time.

Museum tour guiding


Present background information on exhibits and exhibitions adequately

The entire museum tour can be created as a use case using the RMS in conjunction with the Location Navigator. This enables an innovative customer experience in which visitors receive interesting background information on exhibits on display.


For example, in home improvement stores, if an expert is not on site, an employee can join in on the Temi to advise customers

Experts aren’t always on hand to help customers find the products they want. Place Temi in select locations so employees can switch to it and guide customers when needed.

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Temi puts you at the
center of the technology

You can control the robot hands-free with your voice and connect to smart devices,
media and video communication.


Use Temi as a navigation aid through premises and buildings.


Present content vividly – even while Temi navigates through premises.


Connect remotely to the integrated tablet and talk live with other people via video connection.

Multimedia Control

Temi can be controlled in a variety of ways: by speech and with touch.


Temi can connect with other smart devices to take a customer experience to the next level of immersion.

Digital Interface

Media and video communication can take place flawlessly via Temi’s integrated tablet.

Intelligent and
friendly navigator

  • Flawless navigation
  • Connection to smart devices
  • Remote Control
  • Interaction through voice, touch and gestures
  • Proactivity
  • User perception
  • Perception of environment
  • User recognition + memory

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