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Individualizing and configuring social robots and avatars has never been easier, with our ready-to-use software, no programming skills are required anymore. This works via our online platforms at any time and from any location.
Thanks to our user-friendly softwares, you can create an Avatar or equip Pepper and Temi with additional capabilities for specific missions. Thereby, Plural.io adapts to the purposes of use in your company. Each robot receives an individual mission that can be installed with just a few clicks.

One platform to rule them all.

Plural.io Beta version
Happiness Hero for Pepper

Spread joy with our Happiness Hero Package

Read-to-use applications to make Pepper more alive
The Happiness Hero for Pepper is not only a ready-to-use collection of fun games, animations and interactions but gives your Pepper a whole new personality.

The first robot management system.

Plural.io Beta version

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