Service robot – the optimal supplement and support for your team

Next-generation service and transport robots through AI integration

The service robot BellaBot increases efficiency in gastronomic environments and sustainably improves customer satisfaction. It is versatile in operation and therefore extremely practical.

BellaBot and Pudu in the catering industry relieve your service staff and make the visit a unique experience for your guests


Delivery of beverages and food


BellaBot is the optimized assistant in the field of
gastronomic service

It navigates safely and autonomously past obstacles and can also compensate for slight unevenness in the ground.

Your service portal experiences an enormous relief through BellaBot and your guests can be served faster. At the same time, the robot makes the gastronomy visit a memorable event.

Use several BellaBots together at once to achieve the highest possible efficiency of robot integration in your operation.


Delivery of products


Perfect for transporting small items, ideal for use in the logistics sector

BellaBot is suitable both for use in daily business and as an aid in the field of warehouse logistics. The robot is extremely robust and very stable in its construction, which allows it to move excellently over straight floors.

Improved service quality, cost reduction and efficiency increase

The service robot BellaBot impresses with a larger payload thanks to a larger storage area and more operating paths, which help to increase efficiency.
In addition, a multi-robot serving mode is now available to help coordinate multiple robots.

Multimedia Interaction

BellaBot can access hundreds of contextual dialog contents thanks to the AI speech module. Status messages trigger corresponding light effects and cat-like facial expressions provide emotional feedback.

Room Scanning

Through sensors and dual SLAM technology, BellaBot understands the environment and navigates precisely.

Unlimited Stations

BellaBot can navigate to an unlimited number of stations and thus autonomously travel along an entire supply chain.

Intelligent Trays

Intelligent trays through modular quick release structure and infrared sensor technology. The modular system for quick disassembly and intelligent infrared induction enable better.

Calm + Quiet

An independent linkage suspension compensates for unevenness and lets the BellaBot drive quietly.

Audiovisual Feedback

Display and audio feedback: Sounds + display with cat-like facial expressions allow communication between BellaBot and customers.

Autonomous service robot

  • Multimedia interaction (AI voice, light shows, touch and facial expressions)
  • 3D room scan for obstacle detection
  • Perception of Environment
  • Compensates for unevenness
  • Autonomous mobility
  • 13 kg load per tray

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