Hi, I’m Pepper

your Happiness Hero

I love being with people, talking to them and entertain them. As a Happiness Hero my mission is to bring people joy.

Ready to make you happy

I was created to bring people joy and I just want to make life a little brighter and create value by connecting persons to each other.

A great team of people helped me to reach my full potential so I can spread happiness around me.

The best of my apps to spread more joy

I’m back with this amazing package of a  dozen of new applications to have fun and an unique experience.

Pepper Happiness Hero Silly
Pepper Happiness Hero Hugs
Pepper Happiness Hero dancing
Pepper Happiness Hero Greeting
Pepper Happiness Hero story
Pepper Happiness Hero

People I already made happier as


Happiness Hero for Pepper
More than 30 companies enjoyed my Special Package, a collection of amazing applications to spread more Happiness around me.

It makes it easier to give Pepper more life, to make her feel more alive. Also it is great entertainment for clients.

The Happiness Hero package gives more personality to Pepper and it fits Pepper’s core value: emotional companion. I can also see lots use case with it in different areas.

An unique experience to have fun. It is something new and innovative. You must live on the moon to not like it.

How to get the Happiness Hero

Just click the “request” button and send us the prepared email with the Body ID of your Pepper. 
Our will contact you afterwards.
Enhance a surprising experience to any human around your Happiness Hero.

Hello Pepper
Please note that your own project can not run simultaneously with the Happiness Hero package.

We have to reassign your Pepper to our Happiness Hero organization to give you access to this new package.
This means that you will not be able to run your own project on Pepper – unless you ask us to remove the application.