Specification for tendering Pepper


Technical features
  • Weight: portable (28 Kg)
  • Size: child size (e.g. from 0.8m to 1.5m)
  • Free human gestures
  • Integrated screen with touch function
  • 3D camera for person and environment detection
  • Depth camera for distance detection
  • Wheels for smooth movements
  • Integrated WLAN
  • Running time at least 8 hours

Plural application

Requirements for use

  • Usable, without the requirement of programming knowledge
  • Adaptations can be made by the client and the use must be available without restrictions.
  • Management of several robots with individualization options and organization for different purposes such as trade fairs, events, showrooms, reception areas, internal use, etc.
  • Preparation of operations must also be possible without direct access of a robot
  • Input of multimedia content (image/video) in different languages (min. 4)
  • Upload of media content to a media library
  • Storage and archiving of created content for later use
  • Creation of questions and surveys
  • Creation of feedback through a rating system
  • Input, changes and administration of voice dialogs
  • Input, changes and management of proactive dialogs
  • Updating of the robot must be done within a few minutes
  • User management for administration of users


  • Extensive training in hardware of the robot, transport, positioning, operations.
  • Extensive training in software environment for own use for selected employees (without programming knowledge)


  • Allocation of hours according to performance consumption for concerns relating to hardware, software, operation, deployments, etc.
  • Support in the form of documentation, videos and direct communication in addition to the usual ticketing system
  • Support in communication with manufacturer

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