The service robot that can transport objects

Improving automation in public buildings

Each tray can be loaded with up to 13kg of weight. Pudu navigates flawlessly to specific points and can also simply drive around.

Pudu and BellaBot in the catering industry relieve your service staff and make the visit a unique experience for your guests


Delivery of beverages and food

Pudu is the ideal complement in the field of gastronomic service

Pudu navigates safely and autonomously past obstacles and can also compensate for slight unevenness of the ground. The fact that it is equipped with three trays, each of which can be loaded with 13 kg of weight, makes it ideal for catering operations.

Your service portal experiences an enormous relief through Pudu and your guests can be served faster. At the same time, the robot makes the gastronomic visit a memorable event.


Products delivery

Perfect for transporting small items, ideal for use in the logistics sector

Pudu is suitable both for use in daily business and as an aid in warehouse logistics. The robot is extremely robust and very stable in its construction, which allows it to move excellently over straight floors.

Intralogistic deliveries

Smart support – also for in-house logisticsĀ 

Pudu also supports you in automating and optimizing your intralogistics and can be excellently integrated into existing processes. The robust robot therefore also proves to be a productive helper in the warehouse, driving the acceleration of internal transport times, among other things.

A safe serving robot serving the public

Pudu makes everyday life easier in the catering industry, in the office, in warehouse logistics
and in other areas where transport plays a role.


Pudu can independently travel predefined routes on command. For this purpose, site plans can be stored in the software, or the robot can be taught to operate in external premises.

Room Scanning

Its VSLAM system enables more precise location and stable operation.

Unlimited Stations

Pudu can navigate to an unlimited number of stations and thus autonomously travel along an entire supply chain.

Obstacle Bypass

Thanks to sensors and scanners, Pudu understands its surroundings and navigates precisely around obstacles. It also reliably detects sudden obstacles, such as people or other robots that cross its path, and prevents collisions.

Calm + Quiet

Qualitatives aluminum is installed in Pudu. Pudu compensates for unevenness thanks to good suspension.

Audiovisual Feedback

Display and audio feedback: sounds + small display allow communication between Pudu and customer.

Autonomous service robot

  • 3D space scan for obstacle perception
  • Perception of environment
  • Compensates for unevenness with aluminum suspension
  • Autonomous mobility
  • 13 kg load per tray


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