Emotional appeal to customers through the humanoid robot Pepper

Wherever emotionality plays a role,
Pepper offers added value.

Use the innovative humanoid robot to promote your marketing campaigns and content directly at the POS. Compare how the buying target group behaves and which content is really interesting.

Pepper is a social robot with attention guarantee. Use the likable humanoid to get visitors to pay attention to your booth and engage with your content.

By using Double, even people who are physically not on site can participate in your trade fair presence


Engage customers and visitors by welcoming them through a social and proactive robot for a fascinating brand experience.

Temi can also escort your visitors through the premises


With the Social Happiness package, Pepper is the ideal entertainer in care facility and Elderly Care sector. In combination with our software you can use the endless possibilities of social robots.


Promote marketing campaigns and present content directly at the POS


Pepper motivates people through an emotional appeal and real-time reactions.

Pepper uses a tablet to support their emotions and empower customers to make decisions.

With our solution, you can customize the robot for your needs. Customers can interact with your content in real time.

The number of projects and content you can create is unlimited and can be deployed on Pepper at any time.

Receptionist in companies and hotels


Pepper achieves an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

Let Pepper welcome your customers. With the Receptionist app, you can easily manage guest check-ins and you’ll be notified when guests are waiting.

This creates a unique experience for your customers and guests that is guaranteed to be remembered and positively impact the perception of your business.

Entertainer in care facilities


With the Social Happiness package, Pepper is the ideal entertainer in care facilities and in the Elderly Care sector.

Unfortunately, for many residents, life in nursing facilities means loneliness. This is because visits from relatives and friends are not always possible.

Pepper can often lighten the mood and keep residents entertained. With the integrated Social Happiness program, Pepper can play guessing games with users, tell jokes, play board games and conduct mobility programs with them.

Storyteller for children


Shorten waiting times and make a visit to the doctor a highlight.

Who doesn’t know this? Especially with children, waiting in the waiting room at doctors and hospitals can become an eternity. In addition, it is not uncommon for children to be afraid of going to the doctor.

Pepper can help this situation. He can tell the children stories and shorten the waiting times many times over. The positive side effect is that the children may already look forward to the doctor’s visit the next time.

Discover Pepper’s full potential and try our software Plural.io for free

The multifunctional social robot,
that emotionalizes customer relationships.

Pepper can be used in different ways depending on the use case.
Pepper can talk, hear, gesture, dance and interact with customers in real time.

Emotional Design

Every interaction with Pepper creates an emotional bond between humans and robots. Thus, the interaction becomes more intense and your customers build trust in your brand.

Humanoid Look

Pepper is designed to have a human-like appearance and can move accordingly. This promotes efficiency in the social field.

Proactive Conversation

Especially at POS and at trade shows or events, Pepper adds value by proactively approaching customers to start a conversation.

Maximum Attention

Use Pepper as a crowd puller at events and trade shows. It is attention-grabbing with its appearance and thus brings your content closer to your target group.

Brand Ambassador

Pepper represents your brand and your company in an impressive way. Thus, it is your personal brand ambassador who maximizes trust and enthusiasm for your brand.

Happiness Hero

Pepper is a social robot that brings joy to people interacting with it. The possible applications are limitless: for example, as a social companion at work, in care facilities or as a simple wedding guest…

Emotional Interactions

Pepper enables emotional interactions through its humanoid appearance, recognition and response to gestures, as well as speech and behavior of humans.

Our RMS combined with proactive conversations make the robot appear more alive and informative.

  • Emotionalizes the interactions
  • Proactivity
  • User perception
  • Perception of the environment
  • User recognition and memory
  • Interaction zones (distance recognition)
  • Conversational guidance
  • Interaction by voice, touch and gestures

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