A social robot that
communicates with us
humans as we do with
each other

Furhat speaks, listens,
shows emotions and
keeps eye contact

Social robot like Furhat are focusing on the academic market to engage researchers and students in bringing natural language processing and emotional intelligence into physical life.

Offer visitors better orientation in building complexes and save personnel costs with the use of robots


Academics for research purposes


Teaching robots humanity: Simulating Emotions, Reactions and Interactions through Artificial Intelligence

Use Furhat to write algorithms that mimic human consciousness. Students can use Furhat to extend research on social robots.

The neck mechanics allow Furhat to move in a human-like manner, giving emphasis to gestures and facial expressions. Developers also have full control over face designs, gestures and lighting. This even allows ethnicity, gender, language and even species to be customized inidividually.

Application of documents in public institutions

Furhat as an assistant for simple registration processes

In public institutions, for example, Furhat can handle the registration process for a digital ID card. This enables citizens to deposit digital signatures via a registration process.

Furhat guides the user through the entire process and can respond to questions.

Linguistic learning purposes

Learn a language with a robot that speaks like us humans and gives just as human feedback

Furhat communicates with its human face interface and the accompanying facial expressions just as we humans do. This makes him perfect for teaching a language.

Users see how words are pronounced and can imitate these mouth movements. It also responds to voice input – in many different languages.

By getting direct feedback through Furhat, the learning effect is massively increased compared to printed workbooks or similar.

Complaint Management


Let Furhat do the unpleasant service

Use Furhat for complaint management, which previously required staff. Unlike an impersonal telephone hotline, Furhat can receive complaints face-to-face and collect information for further processing by a personal contact.

Training of employees

Quality assurance through training programs

New software or processes are often introduced in companies. This is quite normal, but employees need to be trained in them. Furhat can provide such training effectively, so you need to allocate fewer human resources.

The next generation of social interaction
between humans and machines

Social robots are the next big user interface, typically based on
the oldest user interface we know as humans – the face.

Humanoid Appearance

Furhat imitates the human face with all facial features and eye contact.

Gestures and Facial Expressions

Furhat includes a variety of human facial expressions and can thus express facial expressions and gestures.

Individual Look

Ethnicity, gender and age can be set individually.

The most advanced human-like social robot

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