Being in two places at once. Anywhere in the world with the telepresence robot

Double allows you to physically move and interact in locations anywhere in the world via remote mobility

Bridge large distances with remote access to the telepresence robot Double. You can move freely in rooms and interact with people more effectively than would be possible via video conferencing.

Enable visitors and employees to participate in a trade show even if they can’t physically be there.

With Pepper you also have a real crowd puller on your hands.


When sick children in isolation wards can’t participate in school life, Humanizing Technologies offers a solution


Physically participate in virtual meetings

Be live in meetings remotely without having to bridge distant distances

People often have to travel long distances to attend meetings. In addition to the unnecessary environmental impact, this is also time-consuming, involves organizational effort and often costs horrendous amounts of money. Connecting via video, however, is just as often not always the best solution. With Double, however, you can move freely around the room, make more intensive contact with other people, and thus make remote connection via video to the robot an efficient alternative for attending meetings anywhere in the world.

Virtual tour of real estates and museums

Experiencing spatial experiences from a distance.

Double can be controlled remotely – from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the fact that the robot is equipped with high-class technology, it drives safely and can also overcome smaller obstacles. The integrated camera captures panoramic images in 4K quality.

This makes Double perfect for property tours and museum visits without the visitor having to be physically on site. So you can visit current exhibitions of renowned museums all over the world – in one day. Double is also a smart investment for real estate agents. It allows you to show prospective buyers an apartment without them having to travel hundreds of miles.

Distance learning

Enable children to participate in class lessons even if they cannot physically be there for health reasons

Double enables a new way of participating in lessons. Many children cannot attend school for health reasons. With Double, however, they can still be there and get in touch with their teachers and classmates. This not only means bridging an educational gap caused by missed school lessons, but also adds social value for the children, who feel less lonely as a result.

Especially in times of a global pandemic, Double can open doors in the education sector and respond to the changed living and teaching conditions.

Factory and showroom tours

Show your products to your customers – live – without them having to be on site: with the Double telepresence robot.

Some products can be ideally presented in showrooms. Other work processes can be ideally explained in a tour. To make this possible, it was previously necessary to actually visit these locations. Double allows you to offer these options regardless of location.

Double can be operated intuitively and allows customers to perceive such tours remotely.

Visits to hospitals and nursing homes

Visiting relatives and friends – in intensive care units and nursing homes.

The pandemic and the associated overcrowded intensive care units and quarantines have clearly shown us how important social contacts are and how sorely they are missed when personal contact is not possible.

Double is a way to bridge these distances. With the telepresence robot you can be close to your loved ones and assist them.

Control in manufacturing processes

On-site maintenance and troubleshooting – from anywhere in the world

When something goes wrong in machine parks and production chains, it is often very difficult to find a fault or ensure quality if you are not on site yourself.

With Double, you can be on-site via video link and reliably ensure quality in manufacturing processes while also increasing efficiency, as you can do this across continents from your office.

The diverse properties of Double

The telepresence robot Double 3 is a self-propelled video conferencing robot
that you can control remotely online.

Freedom of Movement

Double can drive autonomously. In doing so, it recognizes and avoids obstacles. The user who switches to Double thus has maximum freedom of movement.

Intuitive Control

Double can be controlled safely with just a few clicks. It navigates to where you click on the ground. All control is possible via internet browser.

Applicable Worldwide

Thanks to control via the Internet, Double can be used anywhere in the world.

Immersive Experience

Telepresence via Double allows you to hear, speak and see as if you were there.

QR-Code Reader

Scan QR codes with Double. This is a valuable feature in exhibit displays and manufacturing processes.


Not only are the Double’s materials robust and durable. The use of the robot saves travel costs and time and is thus a contribution to global sustainability.

Closer bond through interactivity, even though you are not physically on site

  • Video conferencing / telepresence robot from Double Robotics.
  • Physical presence at another location by the robot
  • Free movement in rooms and buildings
  • See, hear and speak in real time
  • Scan QR codes and read out information
  • Move around remotely with ease
  • Controllable via the browser or the app

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